Who’s got a pen?  Where's my coffee mug?  Did everyone wear a company shirt today?  What does your company do? 



OK, enough questions.  Now some honest answers!


I have been the National Sales Manager for companies in totally different industries.  I often traveled weekly to a different part of the country and have been to more trade shows in the last 30 years than I can count.  Sure, every company is either introducing something new, showing new customers the old 'stuff' or meeting long time customers again in a new city but the thing they are ALL doing to get people into their booths is giving away Logo’d products. 


Don’t attend trade shows?  You still need to promote your business in a creative way!  Here’s a list of the top 7 purchased promotional products.


1.   Apparel

2.   Writing Instruments

3.   Calendars

4.   Drinkware

5.   Bags

6.   Desk/Office/Business Accessories

7.   Recognition Awards/Trophies/Jewelry/Clocks & Watches


BFLPromotions helps companies promote themselves from a different point of view. I have always believed that selling is educating and educating leads to more sales.  Be creative, be different than the rest of them.  With hundreds of thousands of possibilities, please let our team assist you in finding something that “brings ‘em in”!